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Dental Surgery in Marbella is a specialty that encompasses the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of the mouth, jaws, face and other related structures. At our clinic in Marbella, this speciality includes complex extractions, the placement of implants, the biopsy and removal of cysts and tumours, the treatment of facial trauma, the reconstruction of atrophic jaws and the surgical treatment of any anomaly of the jaws.
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Dental Surgery in Marbella

  Dental Surgery in Marbella: Extraction of Teeth

A very frequent extraction that is carried out due to lack of space in the jaws or when there are problems of gum inflammation caused by incomplete eruption of the tooth.

Dental Surgery in Marbella: Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

When the gum and bone may not be in the condition for the fitting of a prosthesis, pre-prosthetic surgery is performed to condition the soft tissues and bone to ensure optimal attachment and fit of the prosthesis.