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Our Endodontic treatment in Marbella is a procedure by which the pulp or nerve is removed from the tooth and then the pulp duct is sealed. This is why it is also know asa root canal treatment.

This intervention allows to save teeth from extraction and is the last resort to preserve those teeth that have an infection in the dental nerve or are going to have it soon. Caries is the main cause of infection and subsequent inflammation and necrosis of the pulp, and therefore the main need for a endodontics.

How is the endodontic treatment developed in Marbella?

Our Endodontic treatment in Marbella will be developed, first, by carrying out an analysis of your oral situation, after which, we will recommend the most appropiate procedure for your case.

Endodontics not only require equipment and expert knowledge, but also a considerable amount of time depending of the degree of difficulty of the case to which we refer. This investment in time and effort guarantees us a higher success rate. 

Each alternative we present to you will always be accompained by your budget, so that you can analyze your personal preferences according to both the treatment and its cost. Once you have made your decision, endodontics will be practiced over two additional sessions.