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The implantology and the dental prosthesis are specialities that go together. The aim of our Dental Implant treatment in Marbella is the replacement of the teeth by placing implants (a titanium screw inserted into the bone) to replace the lost dental part. The prosthesis will shape the piece to be placed into a tooth, making it looks natural and keeping it with the rest of your teeth.

 May we give you back the smile you lost?

implante dental en marbella

Implants with Fixed Prosthesis.

This implantology treatment in Marbella consists of replacing a dental piece that you have already lost and this piece no longer has to be removable, nor do you have to remove them to sleep. This type of prosthesis is the ideal solution in terms of aesthetics and comfort. This solution is made of ceramic or zirconium crowns that replace the permanently lost dental piece.

Implant with Removable Protheses

This type of prosthesis is the most traditional optionThey are «teeth» that take the place of those that have been lost, on a structure supported in the oral mucosa, that is the gums and the underlying bone, and the cheeks perform holding the device while talking or chewing. See other implantology options.